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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  December 29, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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try it for free at >> trace: good afternoon. i'm trace gallagher in for martha maccallum. right now a bright spot for travelers caught in the crosshairs of southwest cancellations. more than 2,000 cancellations today alone heading into another busy holiday weekend. full refunds and reimbursement for travel expenses are what top execs are calling the beginning of their effort to repair the relationship with stranded flyers. watch. >> my personal apology is the first step of making things right after many plans changed
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and experiences fell short of your expectations of us. >> trace: pete buttigieg tweeting that the chaos is "unacceptable". the department of transportation is investigating. mike tobin is live from chicago midway international airport with more on this. mike, good afternoon. >> good afternoon, trace. southwest executives are promising an end to this ugly chapter in aviation and a return to normal tomorrow with minimal disruptions. almost 2,500 cancellations today across the board of american aviation. but 2,300 plus of those belong to southwest airlines. they still feel the impact of the meltdown from this winter storm. jump ahead to tomorrow. that number drops to 39 projected cancellations again as the executives are promising a return to normal operations. southwest customers have had
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enough. >> i need my medicine, my charger. everything, my perfume, all my personal stuff is in the suitcase. some presents for christmas. >> so my concern is really one of my bags is all christmas gifts. i just want that back. >> it's been a nightmare. it has been. no doubt about it. >> it's still ugly. what you're looking at live right now at midway airport is the line to get in to baggage services. these are people that are trying to locate their missing bags. as you look out, the big pile of bags are gone. that doesn't mean they've been reunited with their owners. they've been moved to an airport hanger. the people in baggage right now are people just reclaiming their bags the normal way. southwest executives have promised a return to normal operations. trace? >> does it feel like it's getting back to normal to you as
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you walk around the airport? >> it feels and it looks like it's getting back to normal. a lot of the people that have had their flights cancelled, but they know that before they go to the airport. so they're not showing up in the first place and you don't have the bodies piling up. >> trace: thanks, mike. let's bring in captain michael santoro. thanks for coming on. i'm just unclear why does southwest have so much trouble connecting flight crews to airplanes? >> so under normal circumstances, we don't have any trouble. what happens is when there's massive cancellations. so there's a snow ball effect. where the scheduling software tries to run solutions to match crews to airplanes and the airplanes are not available to them.
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the snow ball goes and crews miss connect with airplanes and everybody just doesn't match up. >> trace: and during this confusion, captain, are you and the pilots in the loop on this whole matter? >> so we look at the schedules and see a flight cancels and then we have to call scheduling to find out what do you want us to do next. are we dead heading on a flight or taking another flight out or spending the night in this particular city. when that happens, of course now you have everybody trying to call scheduling and creates the backlog of four, five, six hour hold times. and that creates more of a bag lock and more miss connects. that's why we saw the massive cancellations. >> trace: when stuff like this happens, the government wants more control. the "wall street journal" says the following here. washington receded from airline management in the 1970s and the ensuing competition opened air
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travel to the masses. politicians love to kick an industry when it's done but passengers can take their market revenge on southwest without political help. that will make their air travel worse and more expensive. you're the expert. you know, when the government gets involved, seems like prices go up and choices go down. >> deregulation is the best thing that happened to the aviation industry. i don't want to see the government back in to it. we like it the way it is. let's just keep competition out there. you know, we'll battle it out and win customers back when we can. southwest has the most experience and best 737 pilots in the world. so we hope that that safety record and knows that you're safe with us up front, we'll get them back in the seats. >> trace: i'm curious. pete buttigieg responded quoting here --
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>> trace: but it won't be just southwest. it will be mandates for all airlines. what would you say to the transportation secretary? >> i'd say let's not go to far in to forcing us to do things that may not be necessary. southwest needs to fix our it issue in the scheduling department for sure. by and large, we to a good job getting people from a to b. a passenger bill of rights is already effective. we would like to not see more overreach than that. >> trace: people don't realize there's a document in place to handle these types of things. thanks, captain. >> thanks for having me. >> breaking right now, soccer legend pele has died. the only player to ever win
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three world cups. brazilian soccer star neymar says pele gave a voice to the poor and the blacks and gave visibility to brazil. he went on to play for the new york cosmos winning a title for them as well. he said he wanted to help make the beautiful game more popular here in the united states. he had been getting treatment for colon cancer since last year. his daughter announced his death saying we love you. rest in peace. pele was 82 years old. well, encounters at the southern border reach a record high. never before seen in a three-month span. title 42 remains in place for now. after an emergency appeal from golf-led states including arizona. attorney general mark brnovich says it's causing anarchy and a
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massive flood of fentanyl in the country. he's next. >> they're neglecting the residents of el paso. we should be the number 1 priority as to when it comes to safety and they're not thinking about that at all. >> if you could say something directly to dhs secretary mayorkas, what would you say? >> i would say he needs to stop lying to the american people. this is a crisis. and they need to be real about it. i'd like to thank our sponsor liberty mutual. they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. contestants ready? go! only pay for what you need. jingle: liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.
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get started with fast speeds and advanced security for $69.99 a month for 12 months. plus ask how to get up to a $750 prepaid card with qualifying internet. >> trace: more than 617,000 migrants stopped since october 1. a new high for that time frame.
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close to 250,000 migrants have gotten away in three month, almost the total for last year. mark brnovich says this is anarchy and chaos. first to matt finn live from the border in eagle pass, texas. good afternoon. >> hi, trace. we've seen a consistent flow of migrants in to the united states. we have to report, texas is bolstering its border here. these cargo containers behind me were installed before christmas. now over the past couple days, the national guard has been putting razor wire on top of the cargo containers. governor abbott's office says they're taking unprecedented action to enhance the border. it's happening in eagle pass, to the northwest in el paso where the national guard installed two miles of fencing.
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we have new video of another large smuggling bust. texas dps says 18 illegal migrants and a child were being smuggled in a tractor trailer. that driver was arrested for human smuggling. every day people from all over the coupry are coming here to smuggle humans for quick cash. new footage from before christmas believed to show one of mexico's most powerful cartel handing out christmas gifts. the mexican president said they should not let themselves be manipulated and not to accept their gifts. as we have been reporting here, cartels and coyotes make a staggering amount of money as they cross over in to the united states. >> trace: matt, thank you. let's bring in mark brnovich. thanks for coming on. we appreciate your time. you told fox digital, "what is
12:15 pm
happening right now is anarchy and chaos and it's undermining the very reasons why people want to come to this country in the first place." we talk a lot, mr. attorney general, about title 42 but it does not appear this administration is all that invested in the rule of law to begin with. your thoughts. >> trace, thanks for having me on. that was my point or my point the last few years. it shouldn't be up to the state attorneys general and people like myself to have to go in and sue the biden administration just to try to get them to do the job. border secure is national security. it begins by enforcing the law. i'm a first generation american. i know why people want to come here. what binds us together is the rule of law. we don't have anarchy and they yos. we don't have one person that gets to pick and choose which laws apply to which people and
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which benefits go to which people. that's what's happening. he's destroying the foundations of our country. >> trace: i don't think as media organizations we've done a good job illustrating how it's affecting the people on the border. we show this migrants crossing by the tens of thousands. i began in yuma, arizona right where you're standing right now. the major of yuma said this in october. "we have $20 million of unreimbursed expenses dealing directly with the healthcare for migrants as they're coming through. that in just the last six months. those are the costs that are passed on to the people that live here. the people that live along the border have been penalized extraordinarily the past two years." >> i just met with the major. i understand his frustration. you have unreimbursed healthcare costs and education costs and incarceration costs.
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there's places like cochise county where they spend millions having to house and detain people in the country illegally. this affecting us not only fiscally, but we've seen a record amount of people die because of fentanyl overdoses here in yuma. we have seen since october 1, the beginning of this fiscal year, enough fentanyl to kill everyone in arizona two times over. 50% of the fentanyl here is coming through the southern border. the people on the terror watch list have been apprehended. i'm losing adjectives to say how dangerous this and fiscally irresponsible it is and undermining the foundations of the rule of law and joe biden is shredding the constitution in the process. >> trace: maybe we can have this woman and her daughter explain it to us. they're now using schools as migrant shelters. here's what these two have to
12:18 pm
say. i'll get your final response. >> we don't know who these people are. we're not racist or we're not showing help, you know. we want to help. but we also need to be realistic as to who these people are. we don't know if there's pedophiles. we don't know if they're rapists. >> they're neglecting u.s. citizens, the residents of el paso. >> it's affecting our kids, mr. attorney general. there is no outrage across the country. your final thoughts. >> well, look, as i said, i'm a first generation american, a public school kid. this country was about providing opportunities where you can go from one generation being a first generation american, a public school kid to arguing at the u.s. supreme court and being the attorney general of the great state of arizona. joe biden is ruining that american dream for everyone regardless of where you are, where you come from. until joe biden starts caring about middle american and taxpayers about southern america
12:19 pm
and the cartels, this problem will not be resolved. he's creating a generational catastrophe. it's not fair to anyone. it's not fair to the hard working american taxpayers and not fair to the migrants being exploited. >> trace: and title 42 only impacts a certain segment of those people crossing. thanks, attorney general brnovich. >> thank you, trace. >> trace: the white house celebrates 2022 as a majority of americans sour on where things are headed in the new year. lisa boothe, doug schroen coming up after this. i'm down with rybelsus®. my a1c is down with rybelsus®. in a clinical study, once-daily rybelsus® significantly lowered a1c better than a leading branded pill. in the same study, people taking rybelsus® lost more weight.
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qualify your business for a big refund in eight minutes. go to to get started. powered by innovation refunds. >> the record inflation that rocked 2022 hit million income households the hardest while those at the lower and higher end saw their purchasing power increase. this year according to analysis from the "wall street journal." hillary vaughn breaks down the numbers. she's live on capitol hill. hillary, good afternoon. >> good afternoon, trace. high inflation is hitting middle income americans the hardest more than it is affecting people at the bottom of the income bracket. a study from the cbo found that while everyone is dealing with high prices, purchasing power from take-home pay fell 2.9% for middle income american households this year and while purchasing power went up from the bottom fifth by 1.5%.
12:24 pm
a census bureau survey showing a growing number of middle income families are having trouble making ends meet. while americans are having problems with high prices, president biden is in st. croix soaking up his holiday in the sun. >> i think it's fitting that joe biden's on vacation yet again. he's been on vacation almost half of his presidency. while the american people are wondering can they afford a vacation under joe biden's administration. people are really hurting. uncertainty is at its highest. there's lay-offs. we have a looming recession and gas prices that are high and home heating prices that are high. >> house republicans promised to cut spending when they're in power as a key way to bring down inflation. congress passed a massive spending billion before christmas to avoid a shut down that has locked in government spending until october delaying house republicans plans to make any cuts. >> it's not what the american
12:25 pm
people want. that's not why they elected a republican majority to creed that authority. that omnibus was for a year. they have eviscerated the power of a republican majority from the appropriations standpoint for a year till october of next year. it's unconscionable. >> so if the answer to high inflation is cutting government spending, that's not something that can happen for awhile. trace? >> thanks, hillary. live on capitol hill. thank you. new messaging from the white house out of step with how american voters are feeling as they close out 2022. just 23% say it was a good year for the country. that's according to fox news polling. looking ahead, 26% believe the country is heading in the right direction. that from "usa today" and a suffolk university poll. lisa boothe and doug schroen are standing by. first to jacqui heinrich live in st. croix where the president is vacationing. jackie, good afternoon. >> good afternoon, trace.
12:26 pm
yeah, that suffolk university poll shows 67% of americans prefer that biden not run again. the white house is closing out 2022 as what they see as the president's greatest hits. >> got over 250 billions passed. they lowered prescription drug costs and held care premiums and brought down your energy costs and reformed gun laws. president biden nominated the most diverse set of federal justs in history. >> he touted lower gas prices and the bipartisan infrastructure law. biden is signalling that he wants to work with republicans more in 2023 tweeting that i like for ward to continue bipartisan progress in the year ahead. republicans taking over the house don't see this administration as a good partner. >> we have to show true leadership and truth worthy
12:27 pm
leadership in america. for the rest of the world to see this. i don't think people around the rest of the world can fail them, why we have open borders. >> now, divided government usually mean gridlock. a "wall street journal" op-ed says biden signalling that re-election will be more towards re-electing than governing. what hasn't been fully reported on or fully understood is how important a role the achievements and the agenda of the president and the democrats played in the mid-terms. so if biden shifts to campaign mode, you think he would roll out new priorities that he wants to tackle. so far we haven't heard any of those. just continued blame towards republicans for standing in the way of things like lifting title 42 and cancelling student debt. trace? >> trace: if you hear about that agenda, get back to us.
12:28 pm
here now, lisa boothe. a fox news contributor and doug schroen, democratic strategist and former adviser to president clinton. you hear what jacqui is talking about there and the white house. they tell us every day they're killing it. things couldn't be better and the american people in these polls we see, poll after poll, are saying, you know, things suck. where is the disconnect there, doug? >> the disconnect is that the american people don't buy what either job is selling or what ron klain is summarizing. bottom line, as you suggested at the top of the piece, trace, with inflation 5, 6% or more, as a target running -- >> trace: that's okay. we have lisa to pick up until we get doug back. >> i was agreeing with him. >> even if the mid-terms were closer than most anticipated. >> trace: go ahead, lisa.
12:29 pm
>> you know, it comes down to the question that ronald reagan asked back in 1980. are you better off today than four years ago. the reality is for the vast majority of americans, the answer is no. we have record high inflation, we have high gas prices. you also look at the invasion that is happening at the southern border that this administration has allowed and invited with its policies. you look at the instability in the world, what happens? afghanistan, what is happening in ukraine right now because we have a weak leader in the white house. the answer is simple, no. that's what joe biden will be heading into 2024 with. the basic answer of no, we're not better off. >> trace: he's also fighting inflation going up and his age is going up. here's the next poll. this is "usa today" suffolk. this is talking about how old is the ideal age for a president. you can see there in red, 51 to
12:30 pm
65-year-old is the majority. the one below it, .4%. four people said that you can be over 80 years old. in ten months, president biden will be over 80. what do you think? >> i think that this poll is very good news for ron desantis. he fits the profile of what people are looking for. i say this as a democrat. i'm not a desantis supporter, but as a governor who is between 50 and 65 or certainly -- i think he's a little younger. >> trace: he's in his 40s. >> in his 40s. i stand corrected. that offers the prospect of a new agenda which given the polling on the mood of the country, which as you suggest is very sour, trace is good news for him. it's also not good news for donald trump who is obviously started a re-election campaign with a bunch of hurdles, hiccups and challenges ahead of him.
12:31 pm
>> trace: here is joe biden's approval rating. we can put that back up on the screen. i look at a couple numbers here. strongly disapprove at 41.8%. strongly approve, lisa, 17.5%. even the people in his own party, the people that put him in to office are saying, you know what? maybe it's time to move on. >> and he's the oldest president in american history. he's not getting any younger. it's not benjamin button. he's going to get older before the 2024 election. also, who gets really excited about joe biden? you know, what democrat just wakes up and like you know what? i want to hit the pavement, i want to knock on doors. i'm excited about joe biden. he doesn't excite people. we'll see the republican primary field has not fully materialized yet. we'll see who runs there. i know president trump was an amazing president that doug mentioned. governor desantis as my
12:32 pm
governor, a floridian, he's done a heck of a job in florida. we saw his handling:0 hurricane ian. might be the best hurricane response in american history. people should probably study it to be honest. he's an impeccable leader. >> i was in florida for the holidays. people really like him down there. doug, lisa, thank you both. >> thank you so much. happy new year, trace. >> trace: you as well. ukraine's defense ministry calls it one of the most massive attacks yet as a barrage of missiles from russia leaves much of ukraine in the dark ahead of the new year. >> when those missiles came in this morning, two men were inside. you can see the effects. a massive crater within the home has fallen in to it. they get it. they know how it works... and more importantly... it works for them. - i don't have any anxiety about money anymore. - i don't have to worry about a mortgage payment every month. - it allowed me to live in my home...
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>> trace: listen to this.
12:37 pm
those are explosions going off in kyiv, the capitol city as ukraine is hit with the biggest wave of missile strikes in weeks. this video said to show one of those missiles flying over the capitol. the mayor says at least three people were hurt including a 14-year-old girl. look at this. ukraine's national guard says its drones destroyed seven russian armored vehicles and killed 50 invaders in the past week. the commander says it happened outside donetsk, reach of the regions that russia is demanding to take over as part of any peace plan. ukraine is refusing to give up any territory. dan hoffman is standing by. first to nate foy leave in the capitol city of kyiv. nate? >> trace, ukraine says russia launched 69 cruise missiles and 11 drones. 15 missiles made it through the
12:38 pm
country's air defense. now millions don't have power and two people were killed. take a look. >> one of the 69 cruise missiles launched at ukraine this morning landed here. this blown-out home in kyiv holds no military value. the people that live here are lucky to be alive. when those missiles came in, two men were sleeping inside. it was destroyed. an emergency worker is climbing along the edge. massive damage, a barned out car in the front yard. a reminder of the power of these missiles that rain down on kyiv. this man tells me he doesn't understand why russian targets civilians. >> i was just preparing breakfast for the dogs. there was a strong explosion.
12:39 pm
all the windows were blown out. dishes fell and the chandelier was torn from the ceiling. >> critical infrastructure was damaged in kharkiv where two people were killed. in odessa and lavive, 90% of the people lost electricity. >> we all suffer and suffer and suffer. when will it end? god let it end. >> trace, also during this morning's strike, belarus claims a ukraine miss skim -- missile landed in its territory and if it will bring belarus deeping into this war. back to you. >> trace: nate foy live. let's bring in dan hoffman, former cia operative.
12:40 pm
why are we seeing this barrage of missiles and drones toward the end of the year from russia in to ukraine? >> yeah, particularly at this time during the christmas holiday period and ukrainians many celebrate christmas on the 25th of dan and others january 7. of course, you've got new year's celebrations. so russia deliberately mounting these attacks on civilian infrastructure, not just power grids but hospitals, maternity wards, schools. they're trying to demoralize the ukrainian population and bring about their submission to russia's onslaught and invasion. if anything, that's just stiffening the while of ukrainians to fight back as well as the resistance of just the local population in these cities and donetsk and in kherson. particularly those areas that
12:41 pm
vladimir putin has claimed to have annexed and ukraine is fighting back so hard in those areas. then we have europe stiffening their will as well. we we have sweden and germany and poland augmenting to help with the u.s. patriot missile system that will be arriving in the coming months. >> i want this quote up on the board. this is from john neagle. he said the following -- >> trace: is that a fair assessment, dan? >> it's quite ironic when you think about it. the russians know better than anyone what happens to an invading force during winter. they know from their experience with napoleon and with hitler as well. now russia is the invading force during winter. yes, the war has gone on far
12:42 pm
longer than vladimir putin said it would by -- we're in our 308th day. it was supposed to be over this special military operation in days. so russia is now dealing with long supply lines. some of the same challenges that those invading armies, the nazis and napoleon's armies faced on their way in to russia. ukraine is fighting back very effectively. look, they cut the russian army down to size. that's a great return on investment for nato. >> i have about 15 seconds left. do you see a peace deal in the offing? ukraine wants to keep all territories back. russia wants the opposite. final thoughts. >> there's nothing driving these two countries to a peace deal. ukraine wants and rightly so money to pay for russia's trillion dollar worth of deinstruction of their territory and russia to pay with the war crimes tribunal.
12:43 pm
i don't think either party is ready to give in. that's why we have to enable ukraine to keep the fight to the finish. >> dan hoffman, happy new year. thanks for coming on. >> thanks. congress woman nicole malliotakis and new alleged fabrications from congressman elect george santos involving his election to a prestigious prep school. you threw good money away when you bought those glasses. next time, go to america's best - where two pairs and a free exam start at just $79.95. can't beat that. can't beat this, either. book an exam today at
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♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> the incoming congressman, george santos, said he went to an elite private school in new york city. but the school says they have no record of him attending. now he's under investigation
12:48 pm
days before he is set to be sworn in on capitol hill. david lee miller with more. good afternoon. >> good afternoon. george santos expected to be sworn in on tuesday. there are a growing number of calls demanding his resignation. at a rally on long island, voters called him an angry fraud. santos is accused of being a serial liar. he said he worked on wall street and being a descendant of holocaust survivors and had employees that were at the pulse nightclub shooting. >> i'm here because nobody is above the law. >> we were lied to. we don't want this representation in new york district 3. >> several investigations are
12:49 pm
underway. in a statement, numerous fabrications and inconsistencies associated with santos are nothing short than stunning. the queen's da is looking into his past. the attorney's office would not comment on several reports that they're investigating him. there's a growing number of questions about his rags to riches success story and his claim of loaning his campaign $700,000 of his own money. santos could face consequences if his federal financial disclosure documents are misleading. he says he made his fortune consulting and making financial deals for wealthy clients. trace? >> david lee miller live in new york. congress woman nicole malliotakis on a housewide tik tok ban due to a number of security risks. she's next. veteran homeowners. prices on everything have gone up and up. the good news? so has the value of your home. and maybe a lot more than you think. if you need cash to stay ahead, call newday.
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>> trace: thousands of twitter users were out. >> trace, the hits just keep coming for elon musk. thousanders of users couldn't view tweets or had been logged out or ran into error messages when they scrolled through their time timelines. the issues mostly affected desk top users. this issue popped up. now this happened just after days after the company reportedly shut down one of its data centers in sacramento. that's just one of a number of changes since musk purchased the social media giant for $44 billion in late of course. musk has laid off about half of the staff including employees that maintain the infrastructure. he cited major cost concerns for the lay-offs. last night musk tweeted that he
12:55 pm
wasn't having any problems with twitter. he said "that it has worked for him." he said later the #twitterdown started tweeting globally last night. that's what elon musk had tweeted. he's telling people that, you know, these problems should clear up. yesterday the problems lasted for about five hours but the tech issues appear to be resolved for now, trace. we'll see what happens. >> elon musk is very fast. >> trace: tik tok banned from all house devices cite ago number of security risks with the chinese owned app. just yesterday, kansas governor laura kelly banned the app on state-owned devices. nicole malliotakis joins us now. i'm going to get to tik tok very quickly.
12:56 pm
congress woman, i want your thoughts quickly on congressman elect santos and this mess with him. you care to weigh-in? >> look, i've said publicly that it is disturbing quite frankly. it's not just one aspect of his life. if it was just the college, it would be equally disturbing if it was one thing, the college or the professional life. it's all aspects. it's disturbing. at the end of the day, this is between him and his constituents. you can see, there's investigations taking place as should be. as of now, it's between him and his constituents. we'll see what the investigations unfold. >> it seem people defending him say you see other members of the house like adam schiff that tend to tell untruth after up truth and there's no consequences, no repercussions. >> well, that's true. it doesn't execution anyone
12:57 pm
actually. if you're dishonest like adam schiff has been, in his role as a member of congress, you can see people like eric swalwell, who had an affair with a chinese spy and continues to sit on the intelligence committee. that is a national security issue and should be treated as such. so look, it's not exclusive to republicans or democrats. but this is certainly something that is disturbing and warrants further investigation, which is currently taking place. >> trace: i want to move to tik tok now, this is the states that have banned tik tok on government devices. now we have the house. what do you think? it's not banned in the u.s. and we don't have any control over the app at all. what is your feeling about this overall kind of hit on tik tok? >> well, what is really disturbing about tik tok is as you know, the chinese communist party has control over all of
12:58 pm
these companies. byte dance, which runs tik tok, is included in that. so the chinese communist party has way too much control over the content, too many influence on the algorithms and access to the personal information of 100 million americans and others worldwide. that is deeply disturbing as is so much of china's activities by the communist party. it really i think is a concern for our national security when you look at the influence this could have on shaping young minds, what kind of content are they putting on young people to influence their thought process. senator rubio pointed out that he was a target of a news source that wasn't a legit it in news source but instead controlled by the chinese communist party. what kind of influence could this have on our elections? those are the things that we need to be concerned about and republicans and other members of congress are concerned about.
12:59 pm
that's why we support this ban. you talk about the young people. while we are processing this and while there's these bans in place and might be a long time before there's a national ban on tik tok, should we be putting more information out to young people on what to look for and what information not to give to these types of social media sites? >> yeah, i think it's difficult when dealing with young people because they may not understand the impact that this has. certainly making sure that parents are informed. they know what is going on on these social media platforms. having that transparency and honest discussions so they can work with their young people, young children to avert some of these traps. i do believe that you will seek congress moving forward with some type of national ban on this product. we saw it with huawei and other things. so time has come for this. it's not just tik tok that we
1:00 pm
need to be concerned about. we need to be concerned about china purchasing american farmland and the impact that could have on the food supply. >> trace: we have to go. they're going to cuts off. thanks. that's "the story" of thursday, december 29. as always, "the story" goes on. "your world" with neil cavuto is right now. >> neil: so the year may be wrapping up but the search at the southern border still not letting up. border encounters averaging 7,000 per day. a whopping 617,000 total encounters in the last three months. a new record. that's more than the populations of tampa and baton rouge combined. welcome. i'm edward lawrence in for neil cavuto, this is "your world." we've got fox news team coverage with matt finn in eagle pass, texas on how border officials are dealing with it and jacqui heinrich with the president in st


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